Certification Steps

Basic Applicants

Step 1: Complete an online application at www.cogentid.com. Print and take your receipt to the nearest Cogent Fingerprint location to be fingerprinted.

Step 2: Download and print the physical examination and psychological examination forms. You must undergo a physical and psychological examination at your own expense. The physicians must be PA licensed. The physicians must submit completed and signed forms to the Lethal Weapons Certification Unit.

Step 3: An approval/denial letter to attend training will be sent to the address you provided in application.

Step 4: Schedule training at an Act 235 certified school. A list of certified schools can be found on the Certified Schools tab. It is the applicant’s responsibility to schedule the training after receiving the approval letter.

Step 5: Upon completion of training, send a $30 certification fee via money order/certified check made payable “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” to:

PA State Police
Lethal Weapons Certification
8002 Bretz Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17112

Out of State Applicants

In addition to the steps above, please submit 2 passport size photos to:

PA State Police
Lethal Weapons Certification Unit
8002 Bretz Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17112

The status of your application can be checked under the Online Services Section, Status Inquiry.

Fee Breakdown