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If you want to become a Pennsylvania Act 235 certified security officer, you have to apply to be accepted into the Pennsylvania State Police Lethal Weapons Training program. The application process requires that you pass a psychological exam, a physical exam, and a criminal background check.

On selected Saturday and Sunday mornings as announced, our office runs Act 235 Lethal Weapons Certification Examination Sessions during which you can take your psychological examination, your physical examination, and have your fingerprints done, all in the same place, for your convenience.

Our next Act 235 exam session will begin on the Saturday announced above at 8:00am. Plan on being at our offices at 8:00am.

NOTE: You can reserve your seat by registering here and paying for your psychological exam with a credit card or PayPal. Or, you can pay $200. cash at the door.

You can register now for the Act 235 Psychological Exam using the button below.

NOTE: If you need to be seen sooner, or at some other time, or if you want to have a private one-on-one Act 235 Psychological Examination with Dr.Eimer, please call 215-947-7867 or email Dr. Eimer to schedule an individual appointment. The fee is $300 for a private one-on-one Act 235 psychological exam. The fee is $200 for the scheduled group exam session. Which one is for you? Click here to learn more.

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Service Fees

Psychological Examination by Bruce Eimer, Ph.D.$200. (pay online here or cash at door)
Physical Examination by PA Licensed Physician$75. (pay physician cash at exam session)
Cogent Fingerprinting Services$40. for just fingerprints (pay finger printer cash on location)
Online Application$40. for filling out your online application (pay finger printer cash)

Psychological Exam

We do the Act 235 psychological exam on selected Saturdays and Sundays. The exam is administered by Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D., ABPP, who is a PA licensed psychologist. Our exam sessions begin promptly at 8:00AM and there are limited spaces, register today! Dr. Bruce Eimer’s fee for the psychological examination service is $200.

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Physical Exam

For your convenience, you can also get your physical exam done, for an additional cost, at the same time that you get your psychological exam. Timothy J. Gill, MD, our PA licensed physician, charges $75 for the Act 235 physical exam. Dr. Tim Gill’s fee is NOT included in the charge that you pay on this website.

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For your convenience, you can also get your required fingerprints done at our office by Fingerprints Now for an additional fee of $40, payable directly to the fingerprint technician. To reach them directly, the number is 215-510-2428. The charge for fingerprinting is NOT included in the fee you pay at this site.

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Reviews from Successful Act 235 Applicants

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Dear Sir, It is my immense pleasure to let you know from 2012/June to till date, I can say “I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU”. I do believe if any one wants to get Licensed under PA Act 235 he must go for Psychological Test and You are the Best of the Best for the Test…

Mohammed Jaigirdar

Dear Dr. Eimer, This brief message is to inform you I received the approval letter from the Pennsylvania State Police Lethal Weapons Unit and I appreciated your professional and help into this matter… Once again appreciate your very kind and professional attention that I received from you…

Evangelista Evangelista

I enrolled in Dr. Bruce Eimer’s Pa Act 235 Psychological Exam session, and attended in February 2017. The enrollment process was simple, and the entire process was conducted professionally and systematically. Dr Eimer’s staff are all knowledgeable and experienced at their profession…

Bret Thebes