About Dr. Bruce Eimer

Bruce Eimer, PhD, ABPPDr. Bruce Eimer is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been providing psychological evaluations for security and law enforcement for over 22 years.

He is been in private practice in the Philadelphia area since becoming licensed in 1986. He earned his PhD in Educational Psychology in 1981 at the State University of New York at Albany. He specialized in clinical psychology at Hahnemann University and finished in 1986. He became board-certified with the American Board of Professional Psychology in 1996. He is also licensed as a psychologist in New Jersey.

Dr. Eimer also maintains a keen interest in firearms and mental health and has published several articles on this topic. He is an NRA certified law enforcement firearms instructor. He is also certified in Pennsylvania as an Act 235 Certified agent. He is certified by MPOETC in PA as a law enforcement firearms instructor. Dr. Eimer has written several books on defensive handguns and concealed carry. He also wrote for 10 years for the United States Concealed Carry Association’s magazine called Concealed Carry Magazine. Dr. Eimer owns the online forum www.DefensiveHandguns.com

He maintains a small firearms training practice and provides private defensive handgun, shotgun, and urban rifle instruction to eligible individuals and groups.