Act 235 Certification Blog

bruce-and-german-shepardThe purpose of this blog is to share thoughts to help you…

  1. Successfully navigate the Act 235 Lethal Weapons Certification application process
  2. Choose a quality school to take the required 40-hour Act 235 lethal weapons training program
  3. Keep your Act 235 certification active, and
  4. Survive as a working security professional

As a clinical and forensic psychologist and Act 235 certified agent, I shall post entries when I have something important to say, and I shall also invite other Act 235 instructors and Act 235 certified security professionals to post entries.


Taking the MMPI Test

You must take the MMPI-2 test in your Act 235 psychological examination. The MMPI-2 is a personality test that evaluates your psychological fitness for working in the security field as per the PA State Police Act 235 regulations. The MMPI-2 presents you with 567...