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leasotLaw Enforcement And Security Officers Training Academy, LEASOT for short, is a PA State Certified school that provides high-quality training to law enforcement, security, and private agencies in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. LEASOT also offers civilian classes for personal protection and education. Their academy 0and their 40-hour Lethal Weapons Training School was founded by and is directed by Sgt. Hal Gindrow, who is a retired Philadelphia Police SWAT sergeant, and a Vietnam Veteran, having provided distinguished service in both the US Army and the US Air Force. Mr. Gindrow is also a licensed private investigator, and is extremely knowledgeable about Pennsylvania’s laws and the PA Crime Code. He is also an expert NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor.

Under Sgt. Gindrow’s direction, LEASOT provides a wide variety of basic, intermediate and advanced professional security skills training, in addition to their 40 hour Act 235 Lethal Weapons Training program. When you attend LEASOT, you can be sure you will be treated like the professional you are and strive to be. You can be sure that you will receive at least 14 hours of quality firearms handling instruction (safety is always emphasized first) as part of the 40-hour Act 235 program. You will have the opportunity to learn basic and intermediate firearms knowledge and skills that follows the curricula of the NRA’s Basic and Intermediate Pistol courses.

For your convenience, LEASOT offers the 40-hour Act 235 training program both during the week (Monday through Thursday, 10 hours a day), and on two consecutive weekends (Saturday and Sunday, 10 hours a day).

And if you want to pursue advanced training, that is available also. LEASOT’s Act 235 training program also provides a clear and comprehensive course (accompanied by well organized handouts and a course workbook) of instruction on the legal aspects of security and self defense. You can be confident that whenb you choose LEASOT for your Act 235 training, you will not just fulfill the State’s requirements, you will exceed them. And you will complete your course with the satisfaction of knowing that you have learned a foundation of knowledge from which you can build your security career.

You can contact Hal Gindrow or his office staff by calling: Office: 215-425-4011 Fax: 215-425-4066
Their email address is: And their website is: