You must take the MMPI-2 test in your Act 235 psychological examination. The MMPI-2 is a personality test that evaluates your psychological fitness for working in the security field as per the PA State Police Act 235 regulations.

  1. The MMPI-2 presents you with 567 true/false statements. They are numbered, so there are 567 items on the MMPI test. Your task is to read each statement and consider what it is saying very carefully, and then decide if the statement is true or false or if it feels true or false for you.
  2. You must make sure you understand each numbered statement that you read, or your answer will not be valid. If there are too many statements that you do not understand, your test results will be invalid. You must record true or false for every item after you carefully consider how each statement applies to you, and you must not skip any items. You are to answer ALL 567 items in numerical order.
  3. You’re not to write on the questionnaire booklet. You are to write your true/false answers on the answer sheet.
  4. Besides evaluating your personality and mental health, this MMPI-2 test also measures your comprehension, your attention span, and your ability to follow instructions – all of which are part of the psychological examination.
  5. If you fail this MMPI-2 test, you will fail the psychological examination.
  6. You must be honest about who you are, and how you feel, and what you believe, in considering whether to answer TRUE or FALSE for each of the 567 MMPI test items. What this means is that when you carefully consider whether each statement is true or false for you, what you need to be doing is deciding whether the statement is TRUE or FALSE for you based on (a) your own individual life experience and (b) your true feelings.
  7. You will score VERY HIGH on the LIE SCALE, and as a result, FAIL the test, if you answer items based on what you think will make the best or most favorable impression, OR based what you think is the most desirable or “passing” answer.  Then you will fail the test.
  8. You will also fail the test if you do not comprehend what the item is stating, or if you do not answer true or false based on exactly what the item is stating. Therefore, you must not overthink the items. You have to answer all 567 items based on how you really are, how you really see yourself, what you honestly believe, what you really think, and how you really feel.
  9. Do not second-guess yourself. Do not dig too deep into yourself and wonder whether or not you really are as disturbed as some of the items state. However, if an item states something that you immediately know is true for you, or false for you, then be honest and admit it. But carefully consider what you are answering true or false to. If you don’t carefully consider how you are answering, you’re most likely to create a false impression and then you will fail the MMPI.