Terms & Conditions

  1. INSURANCE IS NOT ACCEPTED FOR THESE EXAMS. The fee for the psychological examination at a scheduled Saturday examination session is $250.
  2. You can reserve your seat online at www.Act235Testing.com using a credit card. Walk-ins are accepted on a space available basis on the morning of the scheduled exam session and must pay the $250. in cash only. You must arrive on time (i.e., at 8:00 am).
  3. You pay to take the examination. You do not pay to pass. If you do not pass, there are no refunds.
  4. You will read and sign this Informed Consent form [PDF] at your Act 235 examination session.
  5. If you do not show up for your scheduled exam session for which you pre-registered, you will forfeit your payment.
  6. There will be no refunds for cancellations that are made with less than 72 hour notice for any reason.
  7. A $50. cancellation fee will be deducted from refunds for all other cancellations.
  8. If you cancel your exam session appointment and wish to attend a future scheduled exam session, the fee you paid will be applied, but you will need to pay an additional $50. administrative fee at the session that you attend. Only cash is accepted at the exam session. This voucher is good for up to six months.
  9. If you wish to attend a future scheduled exam session that is greater than six months from the exam session you missed, you will have to pay the complete examination fee again.
  10. Our Act 235 Examination sessions are scheduled on selected Saturdays or Sundays – usually twice a month. The session starts at 8:00am. Anyone who arrives later than 8:15am, pre-paid or not, will NOT be admitted into the session and will have to come back, if they wish, to the next scheduled exam session. They will be required to pay the $50. administrative fee.
  11. We do not offer Act 235 examinations to anyone at any other times, unless a prior arrangement is made with Dr. Barabas and a private exam appointment is scheduled. Only Dr. Barabas is authorized to schedule individual appointments. There is a separate and different fee for individual appointments. That fee is $250.
  12. Registering online and paying the exam fee for the Psychological Exam DOES guarantee you a spot in the exam session.  However, it ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT guarantee that you will be passed on the psychological exam. Passing the psychological exam is based on the psychologist’s evaluation of you and is done at the psychologist’s discretion.
  13. Dr. Barabas takes into account all of the exam data in determining whether you pass or fail the psychological exam (i.e., your MMPI-2 test scores, your one-on-one interview, your honesty and forthrightness, and his and his staff’s observations of your behavior).
  14. If you lie on the MMPI-2 test questionnaire, or about anything in your interview with the psychologist, this will be found out, and you will then be failed on the psychological exam.
  15. When you agree to be examined by the psychologist, you will sign a release indicating your consent to be examined, to accept the examination results regardless of whether or not they are favorable in your eyes, and to have the examination report mailed to the State Police as is required of the examining psychologist by PA State Law and the Act 235.
  16. The psychologist has the responsibility by State Law to report your examination results accurately. Professional discretion remains with the psychologist to take into account all factors that, in his professional judgment, he considers pertinent to passing or failing you.
  17. The psychological exam entails taking the required 567-item MMPI-2 Test, and having a one-on-one clinical interview with our psychologist, Dr. Dustan Barabas.
  18. You will take the MMPI-2 test in a classroom setting. Since security professionals must stay alert, pay attention well, follow directions precisely, and operate effectively as part of a team, you will be observed closely in terms of how you interact with others during your exam session.
  19. If the psychologist determines that you are emotionally unstable, clinically depressed, unusually anxious, noticeably angry, hostile, alienated, or paranoid, and/or that your expectations of yourself or others are unrealistic, you are not likely to pass the psychological examination.
  20. You cannot prepare or “rehearse” for the psychological exam. You need to be yourself. You need to answer all of the psychologist’s questions honestly, and you need to answer all of the items on the MMPI-2 Test honestly and truthfully.
  21. When you take the MMPI-2 test, you must not copy anyone else’s answers. All of your answers must be your own. You must be able to read and comprehend the test items (written in English) so you can answer all of the items based on how you really feel and what you really believe. If you lie on the MMPI-2 test questionnaire, or in your interview with the psychologist, this will be found out, and you will then be failed on the psychological exam.
  22. You will need to treat others whom you meet at the exam session and all staff courteously.
  23. Not everyone is cut out to work security. Security work requires a special combination of mental stability, mental and physical toughness, physical fitness, frustration tolerance, respect for authority, emotional and mental maturity, common sense, street sense, courage, good judgment, restraint, and good comprehension.
  24. The examining psychologist retains his professional discretion in passing or failing you on the psychological exam always.
  25. If you do not pass the MMPI-2 test due to language issues, poor reading comprehension or literacy, because you have ADD or difficulty sustaining your attention, and you have trouble following directions, then, at the examining psychologist’s discretion, in selected cases, the examining psychologist may offer to administer additional tests. This is always at the examining psychologist’s discretion.
  26. In such cases, you would have to agree to pay the psychologist for the additional time involved in administering additional tests to find out more about you.
    • This would always be done on a separate individual appointment.
    • In such case, you would need to pay the psychologist his reduced hourly fee of $250 per hour for the time involved.
  27. RELEASE OF YOUR INFORMATION. As required by the Pennsylvania State Police, you will be required to sign a Release at the bottom of the Psychological Examination Report Form authorizing Dr. Barabas to send your exam results to the Pennsylvania State Police Lethal Weapons Certification Unit. You will be required to sign this Release of Information before the exam is administered.
  28. YOUR PSYCHOLOGICAL EXAM REPORT.  After your MMPI-2 is scored, and Dr. Barabas has put together all of the information you have provided, he will complete your psychological report on the required PA State Police Psychological Examination Form, and then mail or email it to the PA State Police Lethal Weapons Office within 15 days.
  29. If you do NOT pass the psychological examination, the psychologist will notify you via email.