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Written Testimonials

Dr. Eimer’s Act 235 services met and exceeded my expectations. Dr. Eimer and his staff are friendly and professional during the entire process. They clearly explain the testing prior to the psych exam so there are no surprises. The onsite physician and fingerprinting also allows for all the Act 235 requirements to be completed in one day. I would strongly recommend using Dr. Eimer’s services for anyone interested in becoming Act 235 certified.

– Sean Boshinski

Dr Eimer and his staff, while quite professional, were enjoyable to talk to and made me feel at ease during a process that I expected to be stressful.

– Bill Gondy

One stop does it all, MMPI test, interview, Physical, fingerprints and electronic filing, Professional, courteous, and reasonable, and I bought his book, very satisfied.

– Jim Murphy, Retired NYC Fire Department, Presently Nuclear Protection Officer

My name is Bret Thebes. I enrolled in Dr. Bruce Eimer’s Pa Act 235 Psychological Exam session, and attended in February 2017. The enrollment process was simple, and the entire process was conducted professionally and systematically. Dr Eimer’s staff are all knowledgeable and experienced at their profession. Dr Eimer provides the opportunity to finger print and register applicants and also administer the physical, which are both required, on site. My experience with Dr. Eimer was a very pleasant experience. Dr. Eimer is a straight forward and to the point professional, I appreciate that in a person. Dr. Eimer’s one on one skills are superb and he communicates well. Also, his interaction with the class is informative and specific. It’s not a show up and you will pass exam session, which I was very happy with, due to the circumstances involved with Pa Act 235 certification. In closing, I was very pleased and impressed with the entire process and would recommend Dr. Eimer’s class to anyone entertaining the thought of obtaining their Pa Act 235 certification. Thank you Dr. Eimer.

– Bret Thebes

Dear Sir, It is my immense pleasure to let you know from 2012/June to till date the person I meet just I can say ” I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU”. I do believe if any one want to get Licence PA_Act 235 he must go for Psychological Test and You are the Best and Best for the Test. I will recommend all the personal who need Act-235 licence he/she must go for Psychological Test with you. Thanks.

– Mohammed Jaigirdar

Dear Dr. Eimer: This brief message is to inform you I received the approval letter from the Pennsylvania State Police Lethal Weapons Unit and I appreciated your professional and help into this matter. I cannot possibly explain how wonderful it is to meet people like you, I wish that everyone that apply for the Pennsylvania Lethal Weapons Agent License could have the opportunity to meet you.
By the way you mentioned me that you daughter will be marriage on April (I forgot the day) as I mentioned you I have two married daughters and each time, as father before they got married I asked myself how I will handle it. For parents, this can be a difficult time because the transition involves inevitable loss as well but the rewards is great when you turn grandfather once, twice… Once again appreciate you very kind and professional attention that I received from you. With blessing and great feeling of gratitude, Respectfully yours,

– Evangelista Evangelista