The Pennsylvania State Police Lethal Weapons Training Program recently updated their requirements for the Act 235 Psychological Examination. The updated requirements standardize the psychological exam process. Expectations are clearer, making it less likely for mentally unfit applicants to pass the psychological exam and “fall through the cracks” when examined by a competent and fair PA licensed psychologist. If you are mentally stable and you are not a criminal sociopath, you can now prove yourself worthy of being awarded the privilege of becoming Act 235 Certified as an armed security agent by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The PA State Police have always required a psychological examination conducted by a Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologist to determine the psychological fitness of the Act 235 applicant to appropriately handle a lethal weapon. This is more important nowadays than ever before given the “new normal” of shooting sprees in the United States and throughout Western civilization.

Download the New State Police Psychological Exam Form

Ultimately, we are looking for men and women of good character who enter the security field with a full understanding of the scope of the undertaking, and an honest recognition of what they are capable and incapable of.

Too many gun phobic Americans choose to remain clueless and defenseless, and do not want to be bothered with confronting the reality of what could happen to anyone anywhere at any time. Living the armed lifestyle requires character and commitment.

There is no place for naivete, foolishness, ignorance, stupidity, prejudice, arrogance or belligerence amongst the brotherhood and sisterhood of professional security officers. They have responsibilities and priorities and they must be willing to remain standing to meet these responsibilities and address their priorities.

Professional security officers must be well trained operators who are prepared, mentally and physically, to stand alone or as part of a team against those who would do the innocent harm – at least until police arrive. Courage is what’s needed. And humility. Being a good security professional is about avoiding confrontation whenever possible and defusing conflict. Force is a last resort, but you must be prepared and ready to use the appropriate level of force when needed.

“Soft targets” are everywhere, so security operators need to be continuously alert, armed, and ready!

Deal with it, or be slaughtered!
Are you up to the job?

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