All Act 235 applicants are required to pass a psychological examination because a security officer must be reliable, stable and dependable. Your employer will need to feel confident that you are trustworthy and honest. Your employer will need to know that you can be expected to behave consistently whenever you report to work, and that your judgment will not be compromised by personal problems or mood swings. The responsibilities of a security officer are serious.

As a security officer, you must be able to handle yourself appropriately in situations that can change rapidly and suddenly from calm to threatening. You must be able to hold yourself together to employ your training to effectively handle different types of stressful situations, such as being taunted, teased, called names, threatened, and even physically assaulted. And there may be times, even as a security desk officer in a building, where you may be called upon to break up a fight or protect an innocent person who is being attacked.

In highly stressful and threatening situations, you will need to remain calm and collected so that you can think clearly, make decisions, and respond effectively. Your behavior must make sense, which means you will need to have good common sense and the ability to come up with a plan to solve a social problem that can emerge suddenly.

In fact, in many security positions, you will be required to deal with emotional unstable people, and create a calming presence – one that discourages aggression and effectively de-escalates a potentially explosive situation. You cannot be a hothead. And you cannot afford to let fear get the better of you.

So, if you are not stable emotionally, if you do not have a good handle on your own anxieties, if you have difficulty controlling your fears so that you are capable of taking appropriate actions despite your fears, you are likely to be a liability as opposed to being an asset to the company you have been hired to secure and protect.

If you have difficulty controlling your anger or temper, then how are you going to be effective in de-escalating other angry individuals? And if you have difficulty operating as a team player, how are you going to work effectively and cooperatively with other security personnel and company employees, especially under stress?

Even in the most routine and boring security positions, things can change so fast that you are suddenly thrust out of a very routine and mundane role into the role of “the protector” and leader.
You must have the personality and temperament to adjust.

Do you have what it takes to become a leader, even only temporarily as circumstances require?

This is why the State requires that you undergo and pass a psychological examination. It is NOT a “rubber stamp”.